If you require an attractive brochure website then Flash is the best technology. Xtinct Media can create bespoke, full Flash websites which professionally promote your company, brand and products online

As technology ever marches forward, so the limits of what a professional website design agency can achieve become mere history. As flash has grown and grown in popularity, flash animation design has become more popular and widespread on the internet. However, suitable and functional flash animation design is a little harder to find.

Our flash animators and website designers have had years of experience creating all sorts of flash animation, from simple logo animations to full flash websites. From talking with you, we will discover the right tone of the animation, storyboard the animation sequences and build a flash animation that is on target.

Flash animation design can be utilised anywhere - incorporated as part of a simple brochure website design, highlighting a call to action on a CMS website design or e-commerce website design, even a suitable integrated intro to a full flash website design - it is not where it is used, but how flash animation design is used that shows experience - something which our website designers and flash animators have in abundance.

From flash character animation to small business orientated and professional flash animated elements, a fish in sea will strive to find the suitable outcome to fulfil your flash animation design needs.

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